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Creating a System Theme

  1. Remember to put your github url, and if you are basing the theme off another color scheme note it below or just write custom
// customimport createTheme from '.';
export default createTheme({  type: 'light',  primary: '#FFF',  secondary: '#FFF',  error: '#FFF',  warning: '#FFF',  info: '#FFF',  border: '#FFF',  background: {    main: '#FFF',    paper: '#FFF'  }})
  1. Add your theme to src/components/Theming.tsx
import dark_blue from 'lib/themes/dark_blue';import dark from 'lib/themes/dark';import ayu_dark from 'lib/themes/ayu_dark';import ayu_mirage from 'lib/themes/ayu_mirage';import ayu_light from 'lib/themes/ayu_light';import nord from 'lib/themes/nord';import polar from 'lib/themes/polar';import white_af from 'lib/themes/white_af'; // the theme from above
export const themes = {  'dark_blue': dark_blue,  'dark': dark,  'ayu_dark': ayu_dark,  'ayu_mirage': ayu_mirage,  'ayu_light': ayu_light,  'nord': nord,  'polar': polar,  'white_af': white_af // add your theme here};
export const friendlyThemeName = {  'dark_blue': 'Dark Blue',  'dark': 'Very Dark',  'ayu_dark': 'Ayu Dark',  'ayu_mirage': 'Ayu Mirage',  'ayu_light': 'Ayu Light',  'nord': 'Nord',  'polar': 'Polar',  'white_af': 'White AF!' // create a formal/friendly name for your theme so it wont appear as "white_af"};
  1. And that's it. Make sure to test your theme before making a PR and make sure it looks good, or your PR will be closed.